Data analysis pinpoints problems

With MacGregor OnWatch, you have world leading crane specialists on-call 24/7. There is plenty of data for them to sift through when called into action. All signals between the control system and the crane equipment are logged, both from operators and automated processes. But with experience both in field service and code writing, they know what they are looking for.

The engineer on duty decides where to look based on the description of the issue, e.g. operator control logs if the crane has struck something or the hydraulic pressure logs if there is a problem with the winch. The engineer follows the data trail all the way to the source of the problem, whether it is a faulty valve or a short circuited card.

Tracing the source of the problem may reveal it was not mechanical, but human error. Verifying this is equally important as it lets you know your equipment can be trusted to resume operations without going to port for a full inspection.

Analysis could also reveal the source of the problem was incorrect maintenance, which gives you the chance to correct practices and prevent such problems in the future.

No matter what the source turns out to be, quickly uncovering the answer gets you back on track with minimal disruption.

The MacGregor OnWatch service can also be used for upgrades, fine-tuning, software back-ups and the supervision of crane manoeuvres and/or dry tests.