Strategic spares – how it works

So what exactly do you get in a strategic spare parts kit? That depends on what spares are most critical to your ship’s operations.

The spares are selected by our experienced team who draw on over a decade of service history involving hundreds of advanced cranes operating around the world. They not only look at the equipment itself, but calculate the impact of potential lead times and the relative availability of parts from major OEM suppliers.

Of course, it is not practical or economical to carry every part on board. So one way or another, choices must be made. It is impossible to predict what might unexpectedly fail or be damaged in an accident. But having learnt from experience, real cases have proven that we come fairly close.

Our engineers select parts that fulfil one or more of these criteria:

  • Critical to the operation
  • Could be damaged by external forces such as collisions, overload and voltage peaks
  • Heavy mechanical wear/tough working conditions
  • Have very long lead times
  • Are consumables and wear parts

A typical set will include external and internal sensors and switches, electronic cards, certain hydraulic valves and pumps, PLC parts, contactors, fuses, filters, solenoids, hoses, couplings and similar cornerstones. Getting the details right can make the difference between a job well done and days on the sideline.

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