Safety above all

Hundreds of tons hang in the air when suddenly the crane stops. You do not know what has gone wrong or how to fix it. Rough weather is starting to roll in as the load sways over the deck. What do you do?

Cranes do not malfunction very often, but when they do it tends to be while in use. In such a situation, it is critical for the safety of your crew, your vessel and your cargo to get the crane working as quickly as possible.

MacGregor OnWatch remote diagnostics offers you immediate expert assistance in tricky situations. When trouble strikes, our specialists are available every hour of the day, every day of the year to help you safely handle any situation.

You can also contact our crane specialists to get scheduled support before or during sensitive maintenance, operations and dry tests.

Lightning leaves load hangingThe safety of crew and cargo was on the line after lightning struck the crane. MacGregor OnWatch was there to help.Read story