Your customers demand you deliver on time. So it is only fitting you demand secure performance from your crane specialist.

Ever since we launched our first crane, we have been pushing technology forward to make their use simpler and more efficient while reducing potential problems. But it is a rough ocean out there and unexpected problems still crop up once in a while.

Once our load-handling systems are in service, we provide lifetime support to ensure they keep getting the job done. With our Global Lifecycle Support Competence Centres, remote diagnostics, considerable spare part inventories and a local presence around the world, we strive to offer quick assistance and parts whenever you need them, wherever you are.

One example of our commitment to helping you perform is MacGregor OnWatch – a remote diagnostics service that delivers immediate expert assistance. And with strategic spare parts on board, you can fix most problems without going to port.

Learn more about how our services ensure maximum uptime and safe operations for your crew, your vessel and your cargo.

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