MacGregor OnWatch – how it works

When we get a call in the middle of the night, while you are in the middle of the ocean, we spring into action. Specialists in hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and automation engineering are on-call 24/7 to find the answers you need.

Over a secure satellite connection, they download comprehensive data about your crane, including operation history, alarm logs and hydraulic pressure & flow logs. They then guide the ship’s crew in testing the likely source of the problem. Once discovered, they identify what parts and repairs are needed. With a strategic spare parts kit, most problems can be fixed straight away by the vessel’s crew.

If the required parts are not on board, we dispatch an engineer with the correct parts to rendezvous with you at the nearest port while you steam there. At port, the engineer immediately gets to work fixing the problem to ensure you are back up and running in the shortest possible time.

MacGregor OnWatch gives you 24/7 access to world leading crane specialists who:

  • Analyse data to quickly isolate problem
  • Help crew locate faulty equipment
  • Identify correct parts
  • Guide repair process
  • Detect any operator error
  • Identify incorrect maintenance
  • Guide crew through tricky crane operations
  • Upgrade software and fine-tune functions
Cutting edge software platformMacGregor OnWatch is now rolling out a new and improved software platform. All of our customers, both new and existing, will benefit from quicker response times, greater technical insight and a more secure connection.Download datasheet